Liftech Holiday Card

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Curved motor segment with three main leads

Liftech Develops New Hoist System for STS Cranes

Liftech developed a new STS hoist system design that provides the same functionality as existing systems but without a gearbox, high speed brake and coupling, snag protection, and depending on the configuration, trim-lift-skew system.

Liftech Consultants Inc. and McKay International Engineers are Merging

Liftech Consultants Inc. and McKay International Engineers are excited to announce the merger of our…

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YNG Fav_IMG_7955-2_news

Yinan Guo Receives PE License

Structural designer Yinan Guo received her California civil engineer license on June 22, 2021.  She…

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Massport Cranes

Massport Low Profile Cranes Arrive in Boston

Congratulations to the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) on the delivery of three new low profile…

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Gingerbread Crane Left Side with Boom Extended

Anna’s Gingerbread Crane

Liftech structural engineer Anna Dix spent part of her holiday making a gingerbread crane.  It…

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Happy Holidays!

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Floating Fire Station 35 Installed in San Francisco

Early Thursday morning, December 3, the extraordinary floating Fire Station 35 arrived in San Francisco at Pier 22-1/2 near the Bay Bridge.