Category: Float Projects

Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) Downtown San Francisco Ferry Terminal Expansion

WETA is expanding ferry service dramatically to accommodate a significant increase in ridership during the past several years. Part of this expansion includes increasing the overall size of the WETA Downtown San Francisco terminal, adding two new ferry gates, and refurbishing the float at an existing gate. The additional gates and more spacious terminal will significantly improve capacity and quality…

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Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA), Central Bay Operations & Maintenance Facility Design, Alameda, California

This new Operations & Maintenance Facility is the home base for the SF Bay Ferry fleet in the central bay. The facility will be used to maintain vessels operating on the Alameda, Oakland, Richmond, and South San Francisco ferry routes, and to coordinate emergency transportation services during a regional disaster, disruption in transportation, or both. Liftech is the design prime…

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Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) Clay Street Replacement Ferry Terminal

Liftech designed a 78-foot-long steel float as a replacement float at the Clay Street Ferry Terminal in Oakland, California. The project had an accelerated schedule. The previous float needed to be removed and the new float installed in a single weekend. Liftech worked with Manson to provide a design that accommodated the schedule and allowed for a relatively quick and easy float installation.