Category: Crane Relocation Projects

Port Melbourne Crane Relocation

Liftech designed a lifting scheme and analyzed the crane structure for transporting a Paceco crane across a channel. The crane was lifted at four points using two shipboard derricks. It was secured outside the ship for transport.

Buenos Aires Container Terminal, Relocation of Liebherr Container Crane

Privatization of Buenos Aires’s container terminals resulted in the relocation of River Plate Container Terminal, an Argentine stevedoring company, to new facilities within the harbor. Liftech designed a scheme to relocate two Liebherr cranes and one Morris crane. Each fully erected crane was lifted with a 1,000-ton capacity floating crane using a specially designed lifting truss.

Crane Move System

Liftech designed a crane move system for moving container cranes that was easy to ship and assemble. Liftech designed a modular system with container sized components for shipping. The system can be assembled away from a crane, allowing the crane to continue working until it is moved. The container crane is secured to the system with four pins and lifted for transport.

Coal Loader Crane Assembly and Transportation

The crane was designed by Krupp, built in Malaysia, and shipped in pieces to Los Angeles. Bickerton Iron Works was responsible for assembling the crane and transporting it from the assembly site to the LAXT terminal. Liftech provided engineering assistance for the assembly of the crane and devised a scheme to connect two barges and roll the crane onto them.