Category: Crane Procurement Projects

Port of Singapore Crane Procurement

Port of Singapore Authority purchased twelve cranes from ZPMC. The cranes have a mono-girder trapezoidal boom and machinery-on-trolley. The cranes were designed to meet the port’s deflection requirements. Liftech provided ZPMC structural design assistance and review services for the cranes. Reference: ZPMC Shanghai, China

Port of Long Beach Crane Procurement

Port of Long Beach purchased fourteen new ZPMC cranes for its Pier T facility. The port retained McKay International Engineers and Liftech Consultants Inc. to provide full procurement services. Liftech co-authored the technical specifications, reviewed the structural design, and helped resolve difficult structural design issues. Liftech also audited the structural fabrication and the seafastening installation in China.

DP World Vancouver Crane Procurement

Liftech provided engineering services to procure two dockside cranes from ZPMC. Services included a wheel load study, technical specifications review, structural design of the cranes, and crane design and fabrication audit. Liftech also reviewed the seafastening design, which included an A-frame collapsing scheme.

Port of Seattle Crane Procurement

Liftech provided structural engineering services to procure three dockside cranes for the Port of Seattle. Liftech reviewed technical specification requirements, audited structural design and fabrication, and assisted with the structural design of the cranes. Reference: Port of Seattle Seattle, Washington, USA

OMG Italy STS Crane Design Review

La Spezia Container Terminal in Italy ordered two ship-to-shore cranes from Officine Meccaniche Galileo SRL (OMG) with 60 tonne capacity and the ability to service 23-wide vessels.  The existing wharf with 18 m rail gage has limited wheel load capacity, and crane stability is a challenge due to the large outreach and narrow gage.  OMG retained Liftech to provide conceptual structural design services for the new cranes.

Puerto de Cartagena Crane Procurement

Liftech was retained by Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Cartagena (SPRC) to provide engineering services for the procurement of two ship-to-shore container handling cranes for Puerto de Cartagena. SPRC chose Noell Crane Systems to provide the 60 t, 51 m outreach cranes. The cranes were built by Noell China in Xiamen, China.

New Century Crane Procurement

Liftech was retained by China Shipping to provide engineering services to procure four dockside cranes. Liftech prepared the technical specifications, assisted with the structural design of the cranes, and reviewed crane design, manufacturing, and commissioning.

VPA Crane Procurement

Liftech provided Virginia Port Authority with crane procurement services including technical specifications, crane design review, and manufacturing review. Liftech also provided engineering consulting with the design of the elevating girder crane whose upper works (trolley girder, boom, A-frames, stays, trolley girder support beams) can be hoisted to one of five preset operational elevations, depending on the ship size, to reduce the required hoist distance and unloading time.

Ceres Halifax ZPMC Crane Procurement

Liftech helped Ceres purchase a 22-wide dockside crane for their 60’ rail gage wharf. The crane has an outreach of 194’ for the future 22-wide vessels. The crane was built by ZPMC in China. Liftech prepared the procurement specifications and provided the design and manufacturing review.