The Liftech Team

Erik Soderberg

Erik Soderberg, SE  President, Principal

Mr. Soderberg is experienced in the design, review, and modification of a variety of structures including container cranes, wharves, buildings, heavy lift equipment, and various rigging structures. He is also an experienced field engineer involved in the repair of damaged structures ranging from container cranes and bulk loaders to hydraulic excavators. Field skills include an understanding of heat straightening techniques and the ability to develop repair procedures on-site.

Mike Jordan

Michael Jordan, SE  Technical Director, Founding Principal

Mr. Jordan founded Liftech in 1964. He is an internationally recognized expert in the container crane industry. He has been involved in the container industry evolution since participating in the structural design of the first container crane for Matson in 1958. Since then, he has designed the structures of hundreds of duty cycle cranes, prepared numerous specifications for the design of duty cycle cranes, and investigated fatigue damage problems and major failures caused by fatigue crack growth and brittle fracture.

Arun Bhimani

Arun Bhimani, SE  Chairman of the Board, Principal

Mr. Bhimani is an expert in all phases of container crane and wharf design. He has developed innovative solutions to container crane design problems including a technique for combining analysis with heat straightening for repairing damaged container crane booms, the first seafastening design for transporting fully erected container cranes on barges, and a structural maintenance program used to periodically inspect cranes.

Catherine A. Morris

Catherine Morris, SE  Vice President, Principal

Ms. Morris has a wide range of experience in the design of container cranes, buildings, and special structures. She has worked on all facets of container crane design including designing new cranes, reviewing crane designs, crane modification designs, and voyage bracing. She has been involved in the design of one-to-seven-story office, retail, commercial, and industrial buildings. She has also reviewed and designed reinforcing for barge structures for transport of various equipment, designed chassis storage racks, and analyzed and designed equipment to lift and replace steam generators in nuclear power plants.


Jonathan Hsieh, SE  Vice President, Principal

Mr. Hsieh is experienced in design, review, analysis, and modification of container cranes, bulk handling cranes, and special structures. His expertise includes crane procurement, fatigue failure investigation and repair, and computer modeling and analysis. He has also worked on structural maintenance programs, seismic design of container cranes, crane instrumentation, and voyage bracing.

Teresa Ferguson

Teresa Ferguson, Associate, CFO

Ms. Ferguson has experience in project controls and delivery specifically related to operation of intermodal shipping and rail terminals. Her most recent relevant work experience includes project controls of BNSF Railway’s capital improvement projects working as a liaison between BNSF and the State of California Department of Transportation for budget and schedule monitoring. She is well versed in the use of scheduling software and detailed work breakdown structure elements to assist in overall project delivery.

Sugiarto Loni

Sugiarto Loni, SE  Principal

Mr. Loni has extensive management experience and design expertise with marine terminal structures including crane-wharf interface, container and intermodal yard structures, and building facilities. He is responsible for contract negotiations, technical oversight, and quality assurance of project deliverables. His work includes managing a variety of engineering projects ranging from small projects with short duration to large projects with multi-discipline coordination. As project engineer, he performs civil and structural design of wharves and marine structures and seismic retrofit design of existing building structures.

Kenton Lee, PE

Kenton Lee, SE  Principal

Mr. Lee is experienced in design, analysis, and project management of container cranes, floating cranes, rigging, and special structures. He specializes in container and floating crane procurement projects and crane modification projects. He is also involved in preparing structural maintenance programs and project management of wharf projects and baffle/burner structures in power plant ducts. Some of the technical aspects of his work that are of special interest to him are steel connection design, wind effects on structures, wind tunnel testing, and structural fatigue of steel structures.

Patrick McCarthy

Patrick McCarthy, PE  Principal

Mr. McCarthy is experienced in container crane procurement, modification, and design. His work includes project management, computer modeling and analysis, designing main member sizes and detailed connections, checking shop drawings, and writing specifications.

Derrick Lind

Derrick Lind, SE  Principal

Mr. Lind is a structural engineer experienced in designing and evaluating existing industrial yard and marine structures. He has worked as project manager on several container crane procurement and modification projects including dual hoist tandem lift and low profile container crane designs. He also has experience with the design of various structural systems for commercial, industrial, and transportation facilities including buildings, foundations, seismic upgrades, and additions.

Anna Dix, SE

Anna Dix, SE Associate

Ms. Dix is a structural engineer experienced in the design and analysis of various structures for commercial and industrial clients including cranes, wharves, and container handling equipment. Her specialized experience includes designing ductile link tie-down systems for container cranes, studying crane-wharf interaction under earthquake loads, designing ductile frames for container cranes, and investigating fatigue cracking for various structures. Her work includes project management, structural analysis and design, and site inspection and reporting. Ms. Dix also coordinates the hiring process for new full-time engineers and engineering interns.

Simo Hoite

Simo Hoite, PE Associate

Mr. Hoite has extensive experience in container crane design, specifications, and procurement, as well as container and rail terminal operations. With a broad background in the container terminal industry for over twenty years, his experience also includes container terminal planning and analysis, container market intelligence, and development of innovative container terminal equipment and modes of operation. Mr. Hoite has also worked on heavy rigging and wharf design projects.

Leah Olson

Leah Olson, PE Associate

Ms. Olson has managed multiple wharf and float projects, and has participated in the design, analysis, and modification of wharf and float structures, container cranes, steel barges, and other rigging structures. She has evaluated the behavior of various concrete and steel structures using finite element analysis (FEA) computer software. Her work includes project management, structural analysis and design, and site inspection and reporting.

Di Liu, PE

Di Liu, PE Associate

Mr. Liu is experienced in project management, structural analysis, and finite element modeling. His work includes design review, modification review, and feasibility studies of container cranes and other structures. He has an MS and PhD from the University of Kentucky. He authored several papers on service-level floor vibrations during his research. He did his undergraduate work at Beijing University of Technology.

Lu Yan

Lu Yan, PE Project Engineer

Ms. Yan joined us after completing graduate school. She had a stellar GPA during her BS and MS work, majoring in structural engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. She was on the Cal steel bridge team as a fabricator where she gained experience cutting steel and welding. Since her arrival at Liftech, she has participated in structural analysis, design review, and feasibility studies of container cranes and other structures.

Tais Shiratsubaki

Tais Shiratsubaki, Structural Designer

Ms. Shiratsubaki joined Liftech upon completion of her MS at the University of California, Berkeley. She received her BS in Civil Engineering from University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her experience includes designing various structures during several engineering internships, designing precast and cast-in-place concrete structures and foundations, and designing steel structures for industrial storage units. She has also done volunteer work teaching physics and math classes to low-income high school youth.

Abhishek Salkar

Abhishek Salkar, Structural Designer

Mr. Salkar joined us after completing graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to graduate school, he received a Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK). His relevant work experience includes laser scanning and 3D modeling, investigating rehabilitation of a steel bridge in a corrosive environment, evaluating crippling of webs with partial depth stiffeners under patch loading, and evaluating cross-sectional temperatures of fire-exposed concrete members. He was responsible for setting up the first ASCE student chapter at NITK.

Alvin Hoffpauir

Alvin Hoffpauir, Structural Drafter

Mr. Hoffpauir is an experienced structural drafter, 3D modeler, and AutoCAD customizer. Alvin manages Liftech’s AutoCAD work and developed Liftech’s AutoCAD Standards Manual. His structural drafting and 3D modeling skills support Liftech’s engineers in the design, analysis, and modification of container cranes, wharf structures, and other rigging structures.