Heavy Lift & Rigging Services

Heavy Lift Services

Liftech provides structural design and review of heavy lift and crane structures for nuclear power plants, offshore platforms, and other heavy lift structures. Our expertise also includes structural design and review of floating cranes. We have reviewed cranes of capacity up to 12,000 t and assisted with the 1,700 t floating crane that erected the major components of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge self-anchored suspension span. We have worked on several specialized, confidential crane systems that have major impacts in their marketplace.

Skidding & Moving Heavy Objects

We have designed systems for moving dockside cranes and other objects. We are familiar with and routinely design schemes that incorporate dollies, air or Teflon pad skid systems, and Hilman rollers. We design crane move systems that lift and move cranes with little out-of-service time for the crane.

Rigging Services

Liftech offers consulting services to contractors specializing in heavy rigging and iron work. We help with modifying cranes, repairing damaged cranes, skidding or rolling heavy objects, securing large structures for sea transportation, and designing lifting and erection schemes.

We provide engineering for designing erection schemes for lifting and jacking heavy structures. We are familiar with and design schemes that incorporate rigging tackle and equipment including strand jacks, can jacks, cranes, lifting brackets, slings, wire rope, strand, reeving, jacks, etc.